Picture of woman laying face up with her eyes closed receiving a Head Massage

Alleviating pain, encouraging relaxation, improving health

Back Massage

My Approach

Each massage session is unique and personalized to what you need and want out of your massage. 


Whether it's for relaxation only, working on a problem area, or a combination of both, I want you to experience an amazing massage, exactly how you want it. 

Many people think massage has to hurt in order for it to be "working", but that's actually not true. When your body experiences pain, it can tense up as a way of protecting itself. So by causing pain during your massage, we may actually be doing the opposite of what we want, which is getting the muscles to relax.

I combine slow, relaxing strokes with targeted deep tissue and therapeutic techniques which results in an incredibly relaxing massage while your areas of pain are addressed. By working this way, your muscles are ready to accept the deeper work.

I strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can relax and experience the wonderful benefits of massage therapy. 

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